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Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan

 Whoa whoa whoa


You think that (all) Muslims are terrorists? I'm not following you here Kwan.



I love the story by the way (despite of my complaint i wrote earlier). I love how Kwan described how rich these Singaporeans were. And I can not wait to unveil more of Nick and Rachel's rather complicated romance cause you know, Rachel was an ABC* and she's a nobody (compared to the Youngs who were very rich and all that. Very rich, I tell you) and Eleanor Young (Nick's mum) kind of worried that Rachel was just a gold digger and bla bla bla. Tele-novella-ish, I tell you. But I sadly, can not put the book down. Ahah ;) 



Gonna read more this weekend, I guess. 



*ABC = American-Born Chinese

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